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 The Singing Genocide

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The Dread God

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PostSubject: The Singing Genocide   The Singing Genocide I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 04, 2014 11:08 pm

The Singing Genocide Gp212

"Over eleven thousand civilians were executed in cold blood during what can only be described as Armageddon. 

In the later days of the Dissident War, three quarters of the United States had already been completely overrun. Only the eastern-most part of the country was still safe, and had a mere few months prior witnessed a new mountain range raise from the earth, heralded by a mighty earthquake. Behind the mountains, the sky had turned crimson as though it dripped with the blood of the slain. The people of one city nervously went about their lives, aware of the supposed monsters held at bay by the wall of stone and worried that they might one day climb the wall. This city was among the closest, and surely would be one of the first to fall.

Days passed. Weeks. Three months, and nothing. Life still had a heavy weight about it, but gradually things were starting to return to normal, despite the oppressive wall that barricaded them from the rest of the America, now lost to the Dissident monsters that roamed the other side. The fear that had once crept upon them in the dark and slipped under their beds to wait for their feet to touch the floors was waning. 

Nobody currently living knows how the outbreak began. The first of the cursed were spotted emerging from the poorer end of town, likely originating in an old apartment complex. In the chaos, lives were lost even before they were claimed with people trampled over in vain attempts to escape. Many more were cursed themselves, and turned into the same monsters they had once ran from. There were a few survivors of the city who escaped with a story to tell, but they didn't speak of the monsters. They spoke of something else. Something unconventional.

Among the destruction, wandering down a street with what appeared to be a long-sword, there was a silhouette of a man who cut the throat of people still living. A later visit of the city would confirm over eleven thousand civilians slain in the streets with a bladed weapon, some cut and slashed or others simply run through in the chest or head. In the apartment building the trail of bodies lead too, there was a single corpse on the top floor apartment. A child with her neck snapped. 

The survivors report the silhouette was singing a song in a language they couldn't recognize. They reported the voice as shaky and scratchy. What physical descriptions were recovered seem to implicate a man in his twenty's with a deformed left arm, but the most reported feature were terrifying eyes that glowed a electric-blue. The terror of the incident shocked the survivors on the east coast and as the rumors spread of the madman with the metallic arm it became known as the Singing Genocide."
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  • Crisis and Amara, worlds connected through a massive breach due to a military experiment gone awry where Humanity desperately fights against the overwhelmingly demonic and warlike Amaranth
  • Radix, a living city that sleeps between worlds where war is nothing but a memory, and individuals with dark designs plot to take it over to their own ends
  • And more! Will you create another world to explore?

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The Singing Genocide
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