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 Character Creation

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PostSubject: Character Creation   Character Creation I_icon_minitimeSun May 18, 2014 5:16 pm

Character Creation
1.) Follow the character template.

2.) Each profile must be separately posted in their own topic.

3.) You cannot create alpha, high ranked wolves or new packs without an admin's permission. How high/lead ranks are given out is up to the current pack leader. The Alpha position is allowed to be passed from player to player as long as both players agree. Appleslice and Lake have the final say on who is Alpha.

4.) Do not create unrealistic wolves. No wings, horns or extra body parts. No unrealistic coat or eye colors(pastel, neon, blood red etc). No powers of any kind. Keep accessories to a minimum(these can be bought from the site store).

5.) Keep an eye on your new profiles! Staff members review profiles to make sure they are not godmoding and don't break rules. If a staff member recommends you adjust the profile and you do not update it within a month, we will assume you've gone inactive and will move the profile to the Archives.

6.) One character per account. You may purchase more characters(for a total of three) from the site's shop and you will need to create a new account for each new character.

7.) Stick with the character you create. Do not decide mid-RP that you hate your character and want him/her to look/act differently. Once your character application has been approved by an admin, you are stuck with that character. There are certain items you can buy in the site's shop to change your wolf's appearance and personality, but that is the ONLY way to do so. The second part of the acceptance code is: Lake rule

8.) Update your character's profile and alert the admins to any important adjustments. Once accepted you may not be able to edit your bios so inform an admin or mod and they will make the changes for you. For example; if your character starts out a loner and later joins a pack, a staff member will need to be informed to make any necessary adjustments.

9.) Make an effort to be descriptive. Profiles should be detailed and in depth. A single sentence isn't enough to tell us about a character. Personalities should be at least 100 words and histories should be at least 200 words.

10.) Do not copy or steal information off of another character's profile for your own. That information is copyright to the person who created them.

11.) Keep your wolf mostly wolf. Hybrids are allowed with 30% or less of the dog breed and the character must look mostly like a wolf.

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Character Creation
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