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 Code of Conduct

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PostSubject: Code of Conduct   Code of Conduct I_icon_minitimeSun May 18, 2014 4:53 pm

Code of Conduct
1.) Do not disrupt the forum. You should not harass, bully, annoy, insult or intentionally start fights with others. If someone asks you to stop (moderator or not), you need to kindly stop. Do not argue with a moderator.

2.) Do not argue with the admins. If an admin tells you to change, fix, remove or stop doing something you MUST change, fix, remove or stop doing it immediately. Arguing and not complying with an admin will result in an warning and/or ban. Admins have the rights to accept or deny applications with or without reason.

3.) Use common sense and be courteous to all members. This includes staff members. We're people, too! If you are being rude to anyone on the chatbox or forum you will be punished, no questions asked. I do not tolerate public disruptions on my site.

4.) Avoid extreme chatspeak. While lol, wtf and omg are comonly used, do not, "spk lyk ths," (speak like this) even in OOC chat areas. Absolutely no chatspeak or wolfspeak in any of the IC areas. The first part of the acceptance code is: Apple and

5.) Spamming is not allowed. Duplicate, short or annoying posts that do not contribute to the conversation will be deleted. For posting there is a minimum word limit. (See 'Rules of Roleplay')

6.) Do not create multiple accounts. Multiple accounts are ONLY allowed if you purchase another character in the site shop.

7.) Forum rules apply to signatures. If anything in your signature is found to be inappropriate or rule breaking it will be edited or removed.

8.) Stay appropriate. Excessive gore, inappropriate language and mature content will be deleted and you shall receive a warning and/or ban.

9.) If you join, stay active. If you join and participate in the RP you will be considered inactive after two weeks of not logging in or posting. You will be warned and given another week to become more active before your account is deleted. Activity Checks will be done every two months after the first one and anyone who does not reply within the given time will have their account deleted. If you apply to join and are accepted(this will happen promptly) then don't log in for two weeks, your account will be deleted and you will have to re-apply if you want to still join.

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Code of Conduct
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